Please send me a Email with the details (Date, Location, etc.) of your Event to contact@ivoryparker.com. I will get in touch with you soon as possible.

Yes, you have the possibility to book a Beatbox Workshops with me. If it´s for a school classes, company´s or for a privat event. For more Information please contact me at contact@ivoryparker.com .

At www.seboom.com you can learn how to Beatbox with Andreas Walch, Thomas Rieder and me. You can watch the first Video without any subscription. Also you can test the Seboom Premium 7 Days for free. 

My Technical Rider and Presskit will only be supplied on demand. Because, depending on the occasion the content may vary.

Please send me an Email to contact@ivoryparker.com and you will be provided with a kit according to your needs.